Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reading Times

Where the Red Fern Grows 
4/20- 15 min (1-6)
4/18- 40 min (7-24)
4/17- 20 min (25-34)
4/16- 45 min (35-53)
Cover Letter
4/17- 35 min 

Monday, April 15, 2013

I want this and that

I want to be able to own my home and design it however I want to.
to pick out the wall color.
to decide what my pillows look like.
to pick out what food goes in my fridge.
to snuggle in my own king size bed every night.
to turn the temperature up or down when ever I want.
to have the pictures I choose to be framed staring at me in the hallway.
to have multiple rooms to sit and think, or scream and yell.
to have a house where I can decorate every inch of it.
I want a house that I can host my own parties in.
a house where no one yells at me for yelling.
a house where I have my own organized drawers.
a house where I can stay up till as late as I want.
a house where I can cook my own dinner.
I want a house that feels like my home.

Poetry Book- 30 min (pages, 14,15,20,22,23)
Where the Red Fern Grows- 15 min (page 1-7)
Portfolio- 35 min

Laughing Disease

Laughing Disease

When we get started
we just cant stop
my brother starts to smirk
I hide my head in my hands
"Stop!" my mom insists
My brother's eyes get big
start to squint
as a laugh parts his lips
I can't make mine mind
They jump out of my mouth
"Cut it out!" my dad says
we stop for less than a second
brother's eyes catch mine
his lips press tight
tries hard to swallow
hold them down with his breath
I'm doing the same across the table
we open together
dumping laughter on our plates
"Enough!" our parents scream
If we could stop we would
but we can't
this is not voluntary
it's a disease.
We recover in our rooms
eating left-over
giggles in our dreams.

sibilance- started, stop, starts, smirk, hands, stop, insists, eyes, start, squint, parts, lips, less, second, eyes, says, press, swallow, scream, same, across
personification- "They (the laughter) jump out of my mouth"
alliteration/ consonance- "make mine mind, "hide my head in my hands"

Monday, April 8, 2013

_Perks of Being a Wallflower_

   Im almost done with _Perks of Being a Wallflower_. I just finished reading the part of the book where Charlie is discussing prom with Patrick. They talk about the after party in the hotel room Craig rented. They also talk about why Craig and Sam broke up.
  Charlie explains to the readers why this happened and I was not surprised to hear that Craig blatantly cheated on Sam multiple times. I also felt bad for Sam, Craig at least owed her the truth and it took him a while to own up to that.

4/5- 155 min (page 97-182) <<i read in the car>>


   The song Umbrella by Rihanna is about her and a boy. At one point in the song Rihanna says "Baby 'cause in the dark, you can't see shiny cars And that's when you need me there". What I interpreted from this phrase was that she would be there in the times he (whoever she is talking about or to) needed her the most. Rihanna later says "Because when the sun shines, we'll shine together Told you I'll be here forever". What I thought she meant when saying this was that when they are happy they will be together. Also even if they are going through a rough time she will be there.
  During the chorus when Rihanna says "Now that it's raining more than ever Know that we'll still have each other You can stand under my umbrella". When she says this it means that whoever needs her more than ever she will be there to help or at least offer it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paper Assesment

  I chose to revise my literacy analysis. I wrote this paper on "The Sniper" by O'Flaherty. When reading the comments peers and Dr. deGravelles wrote on my paper I decided I wanted to revise it. the reason being because it needs work on the good writing traits of Sentence fluency and Organization.
  My paper was jumbled up. I could remember that I had good ideas when writing this paper, but they went clearly stated because nothing flowed or had organization. Dr. D told me I should make my ideas more precise and that I should relate my ideas to my thesis. For example Dr. D. said it would be helpful to bring in language from my thesis statement to guide whoever was reading my paper.

Jane Goodall plagerising

  Jane Goodall's resent plagiarism offense is surprising yet serious. I would have never thought that a trusted well known writer even had the ability to plagiarize. Goodall made a major mistake and claims it was on accident, but if it was on purpose or accident it doesn't matter because you still did it.
  Anyone can make a mistake like plagiarism, but it makes a huge difference just to give a simple source some credit. It also saves you all the stress and press she has to deal with now. Goodall didn't just make this mistake once, she didi it multiple times which is not okay. This also means she didn't take the time and effort to paraphrase and or cite the sources.

Article on Jane Goodall- 30 min
Reading past papers and comments- 50 min
Perks of being a wallflower- 45 min (page 183- 213)
The Boulevard- 30 min